Day Trips from Manchester: Exploring the Surrounding Countryside

In the heart of England’s northwest region, Manchester shines as a vibrant metropolis, boasting a rich cultural tapestry, dynamic music scene, and a noteworthy blend of contemporary and historic architecture. Yet, there’s more to experience beyond the city’s borders. The surrounding countryside offers an array of scenic day trips that provide a delightful contrast to the urban buzz of Manchester. This article explores a selection of such expeditions that immerse visitors in the charming English countryside, and how to find suitable and cheap accommodation if one decides to extend their day trip into a longer stay.

The first stop on this rural sojourn is the Peak District National Park. Just an hour’s drive from Manchester, the park is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, showcasing a diverse range of landscapes from dramatic limestone valleys to heather-clad moorland. The park is crisscrossed by numerous walking and cycling trails, catering to various levels of fitness and adventure. For those interested in history, the quaint villages dotted around the park, such as Castleton and Bakewell, are home to centuries-old buildings and charming country pubs. For visitors keen on turning their day trip into an overnight excursion, the Peak District offers an array of affordable accommodation options, including cozy B&Bs, country inns, and self-catering cottages.

The Lake District is the next location on the itinerary, and although it is located a little further away, the trip will be well worth it. Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth are just two of the creatives who found their muse in this UNESCO World Heritage site, which is renowned for its breathtaking lakes, steep mountains, and attractive towns. A cruise on Lake Windermere, a hike up Scafell Pike, and an exploration of the quaint town of Keswick are among the activities that stand out as highlights. In a similar vein to the Peak District, the Lake District features a wide variety of accommodations that are priced reasonably. There is something for everyone, from hostels that are easy on the wallet to vacation houses that don’t break the bank, which enables tourists to relax and take in the peaceful beauty of the region without being concerned about the cost of their trip.

Closer to Manchester, the historic city of Chester offers a different kind of day trip experience. With roots dating back to Roman times, Chester is renowned for its well-preserved city walls, the distinctive black-and-white architecture of ‘The Rows,’ and the magnificent Chester Cathedral. A leisurely walk along the River Dee or a visit to the Chester Zoo, one of the UK’s top wildlife parks, can add further enjoyment to your day. For those wanting to stay overnight, cheap accommodation can be found within Chester itself, or in the nearby countryside where converted barns and guest houses offer a tranquil retreat.

Finally, no exploration of the Manchester countryside would be complete without a trip to the Yorkshire Dales. This national park offers a diverse landscape of rolling hills, sweeping valleys, and charming villages. Visitors can indulge in a variety of activities, from hiking and cycling to exploring historical landmarks like the Bolton Castle. If an overnight stay is desired, the Dales has numerous options for affordable accommodation, ranging from welcoming B&Bs to budget-friendly holiday cottages.

Whether you are a nature lover, history buff, or simply someone in need of a break from city life, the surrounding countryside of Manchester offers an array of captivating day trips. Moreover, the availability of affordable accommodation in these areas means that these day trips can easily be extended into longer stays, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the serene beauty of rural England. As such, these destinations provide a delightful complement to Manchester’s urban charm, offering visitors the chance to experience the full breadth of what this region has to offer.

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