4 Things to Consider when Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Many women have their wedding planned out years in advance. You may have your dream dress ready, your location reserved, and know what song your first dance will be to. However, there is a possibility that reality and imagination did not align for you. You might still get your favorite song, but you may be living across the country from your original wedding venue or you may be getting married outside instead of indoors. There are many considerations to make when choosing your wedding dress. Included here are a few things to keep in mind and consider before making a purchase.

Indoor Venue

The location of your wedding can greatly affect the kind of dress you wish to purchase. For more formal locations, such as a grand ballroom or church, you may choose dresses that are constructed from heavy satin or silk with extra embroidery. It may also look ideal to have lace patterns and a long train. Try to choose a dress that is as royal as the atmosphere you are entering. You do not want to look casual or dressed down if you are in an elaborate wedding venue.


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Outdoor Venue

There is a lot more freedom in wedding dress choices when you get married outside. You can opt for a heavy satin dress with embroidery but you may end up overheated in the sun. A great outdoor option is a chiffon dress or overlay that will move slightly and flow with the breeze. This can be a wonderful look for a beach wedding, especially if you choose to go barefoot. Trains are not ideal choices for outdoor weddings as they can pick up a lot of dirt and other undesirables. You will also have an option to wear a shorter dress than floor length. If you are getting married in the woods under a forest canopy, you may prefer the lighter look of a knee-length dress, as opposed to floor length. There is not as much pressure to worry about looking formal when you are outside.


Twilight can be a beautiful time of day to get married. Depending on your venue and lighting options, evening weddings can be incredibly stunning. Evening weddings tend to feel more formal as you will probably be serving dinner at the reception. You may want to choose a dress that has embroidery on it as it will catch the lights and illuminate the dark.


This option is far more flexible. Weddings in the sunshine can be very formal or very relaxed depending on your taste or venue. You may be dressed in a formal gown with a lot of sunshine flowing in the church windows and brightening your white dress. You may choose to be outdoors on a grassy knoll and want just a simple knee-length, chiffon dress shifting around you. Daylight can be very flexible between venues, dress types and formality, so do what feels best for you and your fiance.


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