3 Ways to Embrace Fall in Your Home Decor

Do you enjoy celebrating the changing of the seasons? Some people embrace the beginning of fall like it is a best friend coming home. But if you live in an area that does not change much with the seasons, you may feel like you are missing out on the great fall colors. One of the best ways to bring in the beauty and feel of fall is to integrate fall themes into your home. Included here are a few of the best decor themes to pursue in your home this October.

Find Fresh Flowers

Depending on where you live, you may have an abundance of flowering plants or you may have reached a dearth. Regardless of what you are growing, many grocers and florists will have altered their arrangements to integrate fall. Find bouquets for the home that feature reds, yellows and oranges with dried leaf accents.


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Flowers have long been heralded as bringers of beauty and life into your home’s vibe. In fact, with the rainy, dreary days of winter fast approaching, it can be wise to bring as many things that make you smile into your home before the “winter-blahs” set in. Stave off Seasonal Affective Disorder by keeping your mood up with fresh flowers around the house.

Pursue Pumpkins

Everyone knows that those orange-colored squash are the quintessential mascot for the fall season. But pumpkins aren’t satisfied to exist only in a beloved pie; now you can find pumpkins dilly-dallying with lattes, kale chips and even vodka. While you may not want to make your holiday menu overly pumpkin-centric, those jolly-faced round garden produce can bring a happy vibe to your home.

Consider integrating small pumpkin, and pumpkin-colored, objects around your home. Find a blanket with a beautiful fall pattern of pumpkins and leaves, or throw pillows with that telltale burnt orange color. Arrange a display on your front step with dried corn husks, pumpkins and other squash to really signify your embrace of fall.

Smell the Season

While a scent does not technically count as decor, your home’s aroma plays a lot into how it feels as an environment. Before you go crazy buying pumpkin spice candles, consider integrating a long term home scent and health improver.

Essential oils have recently made a big debut and are growing in popularity worldwide. Purchase an essential oil diffuser and then shop for essential, or fragrance, oils to scent the home. The diffuser can actually purify your air and you can change the scent with each season.

A great blend for fall is commonly referred to as the Four Thieves. Legend has it, that this blend was heralded as the “protection” for a group of brothers that prevented them catching the Black Plague while robbing the dead. While this blend may not stave off deadly illnesses, it is said to be an air purifier that can kill viruses and bacteria. It has a spiced aroma and usually consists of cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon.


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