3 Added Advantages of Facebook For Your Blog

The use of so many techniques in building the visibility of your blog is of various approaches. There are ways whereby you make use of guest blogging as a tool and there is also another approach that involve making contribution on comment boxes, and many more. But over the year there is one approach that is widely used by bloggers which I’ll like to discuss with you on this blog and that approach is the use of social media like Facebook. Facebook has successfully gained more than 1 billion subscribers from all round the world and with this platform, nearly any publication can be a success through it because it is been used by a large population in the world.

As a result using a Facebook account to build the traffic of your blog could give you so much benefit in which some of them are:


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Creating more traffic to your blog

Using a Facebook account with your blog is just a plus on the traffic you drive to your blog and also boost the rate at which new visitors flock on your blog day by day, the aspect whereby you posted those intriguing articles topics on your Facebook will make your Facebook friend to go see what is happening on your blog and as a result you get more traffic on your blog.

Creating a platform for deliberation of idea in your niche

The use of forum site as a platform for deliberation for intriguing question is gradually wiping off and this makes it difficult for people to acquire more knowledge aside from what they see on blogs and also make expert experience their mind in answering to question on forum site, but with the help of social media site like Facebook, the interaction that were made on forum site can also be brought to your Facebook and as a result give your blog an extension to render more services to your readers.

Bringing you and your visitor closer

There are instances where your visitors will want to meet personally to deliberate with for instance result but due to the way your blog is build and the spammers mail you get, they might not be chance to pass their view to you directly but with the help of a social media site like Facebook, this can be done with utmost ease and thanks to Facebook comment and chat boxes, this can even be done in a simple and very straight forward platform.

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